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It’s Sunday

I want to read a book
In my oversized chair but
We had sex there
Hands pulled back
With only syllables
Writing a fantasy
I only just confessed

and I think
nothing is holy anymore.


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The adolescent mischief of notes
passed and intercepted
looks of girls who never even
knew my name
on your lips
a question
Can you sing?
Back to the memories we made
a beautiful and desperate
search for more than we ever
knew we would
be together

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Put on your big girl pants, sweetheart.

Naked next to him was just a place to rest.
A place to put your head is different than
a bed you feel safe in. Cuddling up
with lies will never lead you home.

Put on your big girl pants, sweetheart.

Love isn’t supposed to look like that.
A starving heart will not survive on
laughter that fades. Making love
should do more than numb your tears.

Put on your big girl pants, sweetheart.

Lonely is happier than he ever made you.
A broken heart won’t heal by holding on
to what never really was. Loving yourself
means being held by all life’s tomorrows.

Sweetheart, put your big girl pants back on.

The world is waiting for you to live again.

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I am

an extensive novel housing
difficult dialogue
hidden secrets
complex character

I am

an epic love craving
honest heart
open trust
pure passion

I am

an energetic song blaring
fantastic feeling
infectious laughter
carefree contentment

I am

an easy evening holding
solemn silence
welcoming arms
lasting loyalty

I am

an entangled woman wanting
real relationship
quality time
mutual risk

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The Why of Words.

I get lost in the serenity of words and music.
The scattered notes and phrases of lost love and renewed hope.
I wrap myself in people I have never met.
The comfort of a friend from the mouths of strangers.

I reach for them the same way I write to you.
The hope that my feelings are not wasted on just me.
I put pen to paper to touch hearts I will never know.
The correspondence of emotions too beautiful to lock away.

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If You Just Asked.

What would you do for me, you ask.
Anything, I say.

Translucent clouds dance on blue skies.
The way your memory skips across my mind.
I can’t escape the thought of wanting you.
Perhaps I should try running.
I’m still standing in the promise of never.
The assurance of something forever lost.

What would you do to be mine, you ask.
Whatever you need, I say.

The air has gone from hot to cold abruptly.
The same way it ended between us.
I try to uncover missed signs sometimes.
If only I had said more, done more.
I am left only with regret now.
I believed too much in your facade.

What would you give me, you ask.
My whole heart, I say.

The left side of the bed remains vacant.
The reminder that you’re gone.
I close my eyes to dream of other things.
But you’re all I ever see.
I lie awake with the past.
The haunting beauty of what once was.

What would you do for me, you ask.
Everything, I say.

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red wine and somber songs.

Let it fade. The words you’ve never thought to say.
I feel them anyway, as our syllables dance on tiptoe,
to this new soundtrack devoid of any love or rhythm.

I drink red wine by the bottle. Alone and insecure.
Alcohol used to make me horny, but now I just feel
sad, missing a piece I never knew I needed or wanted.

Books are my friends. Fill me in ways you never could.
Vulnerability is one thing I could never give you,
the way the words scream freedom I will never know.

Kiss me again. The way you did the first time.
Long bottled up passion makes the wait worthwhile,
your hands explore without apology or hesitation.

I’ll wait for truth forever. It’s all that matters.
You could never love me again, but if you did, I would
spend my whole life giving you everything I had.

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